One Month of Helmetless Fun!

I have been missing bragging on my sweet baby Ben, so I thought I would post an update.

It has been over a month since Ben finished helmet therapy! Everyone asked me if he was so much happier without his helmet, and I have to say there was no difference at all for him. He has always been a happy baby, and the helmet really didn't affect him in any noticeable way. It is much more difficult on the parents than on the kiddos.

That being said, I could not be happier to have his head back! I still find myself playing with his hair every time I feed him. The "where did he get that red hair" comments have returned- after a major decrease while he was in his helmet. And the timing could not have been any better for getting the plastic hat off- I can't imagine if he had been in it this last month. We would not have left the house because he would have been so miserable.

Ben is still in physical therapy, but only once a month. We went back today for his first visit since he got his helmet off. Kea, his therapist, was so happy to see him without his helmet! She was so impressed with the progress he has made in the last month. Ben is army crawling all over our house, and it is only a matter of days before he takes off on all fours. He gets up on all fours and smiles so big like he is going to race around, but then he gets down on his belly. He is trying to pull up on things, but hasn't quite figured that one out yet either, although he really wants too.

He is growing up too fast! J.P. brought it to my attention last night that we have a 9 month old and I almost started to cry! He is supposed to be my baby, and he is just growing up so fast! I wish I could keep him little forever!

Ben had his 9 month checkup on Monday and weighs 19 pounds 10 ounces! This is only the 30th percentile, but it is the same weight that Jack and Luke were at 1 year old. It is all in Ben's big head, cheeks and double chin! He seems to be a very healthy little guy, and we don't take that for granted! I am so grateful for my happy healthy baby- especially after all he has been through.

I will post some of the latest Ben pictures, as I am sure you have been missing his sweet face!

Also, I started a fun blog about being a housewife. I share tales of my boys and other fun things about my life on there- so check it out: Barefoot and Pregnant.