Happy Cranioversary Ben!

Today marks the one year anniversary of Ben's surgery. I thought the best way to celebrate this occasion was with a photo shoot (above) and a letter to Ben, which I will share with you.

Dear Benjamin,

On November 24, 2009 you came into the world and you made it a better place. Your sweet personality was obvious from the beginning, and everyone who met you loved you instantly. You amazed everyone with your easy-going nature and ever-present smile.

On January 28, 2010 you were officially diagnosed with Craniosynostosis. We were so scared for you. No baby should have to go through surgery, and especially not one as sweet as you. We put our fears aside and searched out the best possible care for you. We were so lucky to find such a wonderful and talented doctor just four hours away, in Dallas. Although the decision was hard, we knew we were putting you in good hands.

On March 3, 2010 we handed you over to a nurse and watched them take you back for surgery. That was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do. We waited anxiously, and were overjoyed to hear that the surgery was a success and that you did well through it all. The minutes seemed like hours as we waited to see you again. We were so happy to have you back in our arms! Mom held onto you for hours at a time! The first day was rough, but you amazed everyone with your strength.

The next day you woke up with a smile on your face. That was the most beautiful sight we have ever seen! We knew right then and there that you were still our sweet, smiley, Baby Ben- just with an improved noggin! Every doctor and nurse who came in was amazed at how wonderful you looked and how happy you seemed. We frequently bragged on you, saying, "He is the best baby in the whole world!" After that first day, you never lost the smile on your face again. You wore a helmet for four months, and it never fazed you a bit. You are such a strong little guy!

You are so blessed, Ben! You had so many people praying for you, and still do. Family, friends, and even people who had never met you prayed for you. God heard all of their prayers, and answered them. We feel so blessed to have you as our son, and even more so to see you as a happy, healthy, little toddler!

So today, on March 3, 2011, we celebrate your first cranioversary! Ben, we are so proud of you for each and every one of your accomplishments. You are such a beautiful, strong little man and we love you more than you will ever know!

Lots of Hugs and Kisses,
Momma and

I started this blog as a way to communicate with our family and friends about Ben's cranio. I also found that it was a good way for me to sort out my thoughts and feelings. Since last March, I have received several emails from families thanking me for my blog. They stumbled upon it in their own research on Cranio and found that it gave them strength to make it through their child's surgery. I get tears in my eyes every time I get one of these emails. To be able to help another family is the greatest feeling! So, it is with mixed emotion that I say goodbye to Ben's Head Blog!

The past year has been a roller coaster of emotions, but we could not have made it through without all of our friends and family. Every note, dinner, phone call, prayer and thought made a difference to us. We were overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we received along the way. So, a big Thank You to all of Ben's fans out there.