No More Dallas Days!

We received great news in Dallas yesterday: no more Dallas for a whole year! Dr. Genecov was thrilled with the way Ben's head is growing. It was good news all the way around yesterday!

We started the day off bright and early at Star Cranial (helmet place) to get a scan. J.P. and I were both anxious to see how his head has grown since he got out of his helmet. Ben was not a fan of the scan- in fact he screamed like crazy when I layed him down. Luckily, it only takes about 6 seconds. The orthotist went over all of the numbers with us, but what it came down to was this: his head is growing exactly how they want it to- it has even improved a bit since he finished helmet therapy. Yay!!

After a little fun Dallas time, we headed over to Medical City to do all the baby torture things- pictures, vitals, and tons of skull measurements. Ben is not a fan of being taken away from his Momma, and screamed all the way through his pictures. He then was terrified of the nurses weighing and measuring him. Screamed, screamed, screamed! Ben is not usually a screamer. I was so afraid I was going to have to hold him, screaming, while Dr. Kolar took all of the skull measurements, but luckily fruit loops cheered him up! Dr. Kolar uses metal calipers to measure everything on the face (eyes, ears, distance from eye to ear, etc...) As you can imagine, this would be pretty hard to sit through for a one-year old. But, we just kept stuffing his face with fruit loops and he sat there like an angel!

In the afternoon, we went to see Dr. Genecov. I was feeling better about this appointment after our scan, but was still a bit nervous. Dr. Genecov must really have a special place in Ben's heart because Ben smiles at him and reaches for him every time he sees him. This is particularly unusual these days- he is a total Momma's boy. He felt Ben's head and said everything was exactly how he wanted it to be. Ben still has a little soft spot on top, but he was not concerned about it at all. He said he was pleased with the scan and everything looked great. We will go back and see him in a year! Woo hoo- no more Dallas trips in 2011!

J.P. and I keep looking back and saying, "Wow, what a year we have had!" This was just one more opportunity for us to do that. We are so thankful for our sweet Benjamin!! We are so blessed to have found our wonderful doctors. We are so grateful for all of the love, support and prayers we have received over the last year.


  1. Well done. Congratulations all around! -dbt.

  2. I am so happy for all of you! Cheryl

  3. Great news! So happy for you guys.