Appointments Scheduled

J.P., Ben and I will be traveling to Dallas on Monday to meet with Dr. Genecov on Tuesday.

An initial consultation is much more involved than I would have imagined. We will first meet with Dr. Genecov. He will examine Ben's head, X-rays and CT scans. He will also explain his process to us as well as answer any of our questions.

Dr. Genecov also works with a speech pathologist who will do a developmental evaluation of Ben. We will also take Ben to get pictures of his head taken from all angles.

We will then meet with an anthropologist who will take very specific measurements of Ben's head. I have heard that the children hate this process. Hopefully Ben is small enough that he won't be too scared. The anthropologist takes measurements pre-op and post-op in order to see how the head has changed. The doctors then use this information to further their research and continue to improve the way they do the surgery. Both doctors we are seeing in Dallas use the same anthropologist.

We have an appointment with Dr. Fearon scheduled for February 26. His scheduler is trying to fit us in this Tuesday or Wednesday if possible. We would really love to meet with both doctors soon so we can make a decision about which route to take: endoscopic or "the big surgery."

I will update again after our meeting on Tuesday. Thank you all for your wonderful messages of support. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

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