Surgery Week

The countdown has begun... Four days from right now Ben will be all done with his surgery!

J.P., Ben and I will be leaving for Dallas on Monday afternoon. We will meet with Dr. Genecov on Tuesday morning. After that Ben will probably have some bloodwork done and we will
do pre-admission at the hospital. We will also meet with the neurosurgeon, Dr. Weprin, on Tuesday afternoon. We should have a better idea of how everything will play out after these meetings.

Wednesday morning we will have to be at the hospital very early, probably about 5:30a.m. His surgery is scheduled for 7:30 and should last approximately 2 hours. I have no doubt that it will be the longest 2 hours of our lives! We will be able to get updates every half-hour, I think. Once he is all settled in the PICU we will be able to be with him the rest of the time. Both parents are allowed to stay in both the PICU and regular pediatric floor. Ben is expected to be in the PICU for the first night, and then moved to the pediatric floor at some point during the second day.

We are hoping to come home on Friday, assuming everything goes well. We are SO grateful that my sister, Lindsey, and her husband, Jim, are coming in from Kansas City to stay with Jack and Luke while we are in Dallas. Thank you Lindsey and Jim!!!

Ben and I will travel back to Dallas the following Monday for him to be scanned for his helmet. He will receive his helmet on March 18, and wear it for 3-6 months. Ben and I will then fly back to Dallas once a week to have it adjusted.

I have taken some "before" pictures of Ben's head, which I wanted to put on here for everyone to see.

Thank you again to everyone for your well-wishes and support. We are so blessed to have friends and family like you!!


  1. Praying for you and baby Ben! Hope everything goes well!!!

  2. Praying for you 3 this week. Hope Ben comes through with flying colors tomorrow. God Bless You All.... Sara