24 Hours later

We are 24-hours post-op! Yesterday was much better than I had initially expected when we saw him. I was able to feed him within an hour after he got to the PICU and he kept everything down. He took a good, long nap in my arms. I am not sure if it was better for me or for him!

Ben continued to eat well and sleep a lot yesterday. When he would wake up he was in a lot of pain, as you can imagine. He had a couple of doses of morphine throughout the night and did very well. Last night I was able to swaddle him up so he could sleep just like he does at home. This was no easy task because he has atleast 5 different lines in him somewhere (hands, feet, head, chest).

We have had so many wonderful nurses since we have been here. Our nurse last night became a nurse because her son had open-heart surgery at 10 days old. Needless to say, she was very sympathetic to what we are going through as parents. We are so grateful for all of the wonderful people who have helped us along the way.

I managed to sleep pretty well in the recliner (which doesn't recline) in our room. J.P. stayed at the hotel and got a good night sleep so he can be Superdad again today! The night was so much better than I had anticipated.
Ben woke up at about 6am, very happy and talkative! It was SO wonderful to see his beautiful smile again. He was talking to me and having lots of fun trying to take all of his monitors off by squirming around. He is a whole different baby today. He is off morphine and on Tylenol for now. He seems to be doing very well with the pain management. He also had the drain taken out of his head and one IV taken out.

Overnight Ben's hemoglobin levels decreased, so he is getting a blood transfusion as I write this. They said any adverse reactions would happen within 15 minutes, which we have surpassed. Dr. Genecov was surprised that his levels were so low because he looked nice and pink and seemed very happy. They tested his blood 3 times to make sure he really needed it, and all 3 came back about the same.

In about an hour we will move up to the pediatric floor. Dr. Genecov said if everything goes well the rest of the day we may be able to go home (to the hotel) this afternoon. Wouldn't that be amazing!? I am trying not to get my hopes up, but it sure would nice to sleep in a real bed tonight and drive home tomorrow.

We have been so overwhelmed with love and support! I can not thank everyone enough for all of the encouragement and prayers. We are so blessed! I will update again soon.

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  1. I am so glad he is doing so well. It doesn't seem right that they are talking sending him home already. That's great that there is even that possibility. Thank you for blogging about this. It's helping me prepare. Of course, Ben is doing remarkably well, that's got to be above normal. OF course the cranio mommies have said these ones amaze us.