We're Home!

We are so happy to be home! It feels like an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I do not have to worry about surgery anymore! It is a wonderful feeling.

Ben and I both slept pretty well Thursday night. He didn't even wake up when the nurse came in with the blood pressure cuff in the middle of the night. We both woke up feeling good and ready to go home. Ben thought it was hilarious to rip the monitors off his chest. We took it as a sign he was ready to get out of there! Dr. Weprin and Dr. Genecov's fellow came by and they both said he looked great and that we could go home. Yippee!!

Ben was the biggest hit at the hospital! Lauren, our nurse in the PICU, said he was the cutest kid she had ever seen, aside from her own. Our nurse yesterday morning took him out and showed him off to all the other nurses. Everyone who came in our room said "I heard about his red hair!"

We were discharged at 11:30am yesterday. Star Cranial was able to squeeze us in for an appointment in the afternoon, so we won't have to fly back on Monday as originally planned. Ben was scanned for his helmet. They have a special machine with 4 lasers and 10 cameras which measure all of the dimensions of Ben's head in 1.5 seconds. All of the data is uploaded to their computer so they can custom-build his helmet. He had to wear a funny little cap while this was done, and he looked so silly! We will go back on March 18 to get his helmet.

We made it out of Dallas, after battling traffic, and home by about 8:30 last night. Ben slept almost the entire way home and then slept through the night. He really is the best baby in the whole world! All of the nurses said his schedule would be off for a few weeks, but he is back in his normal routine. I am amazed!

We feel so relieved to have all of this behind us. We can't believe how many people were praying for Ben this week, and we are so grateful!

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