Day 2

We were moved to the pediatric floor at about noon today. We were so excited to move on, because it meant being closer to getting out of here. We quickly realized how wonderful the PICU is- one nurse for every two patients is very nice! We have to be much more independent in here. Luckily, Ben has most of his lines removed, so he is much easier to handle.

We were hoping to get out of here this evening, but because Ben had a blood transfusion they want us to stay until tomorrow. They will check his blood work early in the morning, and if everything looks normal they will give his head a good scrub and send us on our way. Keep your fingers crossed!

Ben is doing amazingly well. He has been smiling, talking and just hanging out. He still fusses a little more than normal, but he really is a pretty happy kid. He does not have much swelling, if any, and no bruising. After he gets his hair washed you probably won't even be able to tell he has scars. Amazing!

J.P. and I have been so amazed at Ben's recovery. We are confident that we made the best decision for Ben!

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  1. Thank you Maggie and JP for allowing us all to be a part of this journey with you. What a wonderful blessing that Ben is doing so well. I hope that you all will be able to come home tomorrow - the pictures are soooo adorable.

    God Bless you all,

    Sara Bovaird